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Convient. Simple. Efficient.

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While a common household appliance, the hairdryer is often overlooked in terms of innovation, as its common barrel and handle shape has been lacking in change. With this project, the idea of the typical hairdryer is improved based on user needs. Using a specific demographic, men aged 50 and up, human factors were the primary consideration when conceptualizing and ultimately creating the design. 

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Market Competition

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Using data on the postures/hand dexterity of a hair drying session, the Aero reinvents the standard hair drying experience. This includes not only the two-way air vent capability but the buttons' placement on the dryer head. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.51.22 PM.png

The grip was conceived after observing the optimal positioning for larger subjects' hands while in use. After careful measurements and user comments were taken into account, the initial concept of having the exhaust turned away from the user-led to a more curved shape with ergonomic grips.

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Making the design cordless allowed for more freedom of movement if necessary for the user, at it simultaneously eliminated issues with fingers needing to wrap and re-wrap with every use.


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Final Design With Charging Stand

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