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Pax Lumen

Directional Light In A New Direction


From its soft, curved shape to the unconventional outline of light, the Pax Lumen is an elegant, non-overbearing lighting solution. The Pax Lumen changes lighting by focusing on the emotion of light, an often overlooked aspect. Its soothing effect on the atmosphere can be used in multiple locations with ease, due to its separated base and body. This gives the user the ability to rotate the light to their preferences. With the Pax Lumen, the perfect amount of lighting is provided giving the room and user an idyllic setting.

Concept and Research

Tasked with creating a light fixture using the design language of designer Karim Rashid, his body of work was observed to chose which elements would be followed. Notable features were kept in mind, including his color palette, patterning used, and what materials were typically utilized such as plastic. 

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Mood Board

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Initially designed for outdoor deck lighting, the concept shifted to the ability for the user to easily transport the lamp from interior to exterior when desired. This meant not only would the lamp would have as many opportunities to be used as possible, but also that when designing the size and shape, they had to be relatively simple and manageable for the user to transport from room to room.

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The persona of the intended user also began to develop as the project continued; as those with potential light sensitivity were kept in mind. This meant focusing more on ambient light and the idea that light can influence not only one's vision, but the overall atmosphere of a room also became a core element.

The lamp's curved shape required a stand, although instead of a stagnant base, a simple indented oval was conceptualized to ensure it did not visually dominate. With the sculpted round seat, the lamp therefore could be turned at will to the desired angle of choice. 

When modeling in Rhino, the part line was inserted as the final adjustment. To allow more light to influence the space, the part line was expanded, becoming another light source. The product tag and logo wrapped around the interior and the resulting tab aid in picking up the lamp without detracting from the design. The decision to stray from Rashid's color palette was due to the desired aesthetic being more calming than his vibrant designs. 

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